Book cover, blue background with cupcakes scattered over it. Image shows woman smiling, tilting her head back toward the partially visible face of a man. She is holding his tie. Sweet Nothings, The Cupcake Standard, Maren Jenner

Kissing a stranger to avoid dinner isn’t the most daring thing Avery has ever done, but it’s the most fun. Especially when it leads to a fake dating proposal. Avery is confident she can keep her heart out of it…if only he’d stop wearing such grabbable ties.

Book cover: Rich purple background scattered with candies, man and woman in upper third, both well dressed. Title The Jellybean Dilemma. Series title: Sweet Nothings. By Maren Jenner

The Jellybean Dilemma

Book two in the Sweet Nothings Trilogy releases on December 26, 2023.
Rhonda Elgin is turning over a new leaf, especially if it means rekindling an old flame. Her chauffeur and longtime friend, Greg Peterson, rejected her once. It’s time to show him what he’s been missing.
Yellow background, mock book cover. Sweet Nothings, The Red-Hot Stakes, by Maren Jenner. Image of scattered red hots candies

The Red-Hot Stakes-Coming soon!

Book three of the Sweet Nothings Trilogy will be released on May 28, 2024.
The last person Gina Rossi expected to fall for was brash and arrogant Liam Davenport. Now that she has, she can’t imagine being with anyone else. When a mysterious blackmailer threatens to tear them apart, she gambles with the highest stakes of her life. Her heart