• May 2, 2023


*Please note: All trigger warnings for Maren's books can be found on the Trigger Warnings page of her website. Due to issues with certain distributers, her small press has opted against including the warnings in the books themselves*


Everyone wants a happily ever after, some just take longer than others.

Derek Elgin doesn’t know the wild ride he’s in for when Avery Milbourne changes everything with one tie-grabbing kiss. Their relationship sets the bar for their four friends, who all strive to attain the height of The Cupcake Standard.

Derek’s sister, Rhonda, breaks up with her fiancé because he doesn’t meet the standard. Unlike her chauffeur and longtime friend, Greg Peterson, who checks all the boxes. Now she just has to get him to notice her. It’s definitely a dilemma, The Jellybean Dilemma.

Avery’s best friend, Gina Rossi, constantly butts heads with Derek’s best friend, Liam Davenport. When the ever-present tension between them turns into something more, everyone is thrilled. But then a blackmailer interferes with Gina’s newly found bliss, and it’s her heart on the line. Talk about The Red-Hot Stakes.

Follow these six friends through their respective journeys to find that elusive happily ever after in the Sweet Nothings Trilogy.

All three books in this series are told in single POV from the FMC in past tense.

Book cover, blue background with cupcakes scattered over it. Image shows woman smiling, tilting her head back toward the partially visible face of a man. She is holding his tie. Sweet Nothings, The Cupcake Standard, Maren Jenner

The Cupcake Standard

Book one in the Sweet Nothings Trilogy, available now!
Kissing a stranger to avoid dinner isn't the most daring thing Avery has ever done, but it's the most fun. Especially when it leads to a fake dating proposal. Avery is confident she can keep her heart out of it...if only he'd stop wearing such grabbable ties.
Book cover: Rich purple background scattered with candies, man and woman in upper third, both well dressed. Title The Jellybean Dilemma. Series title: Sweet Nothings. By Maren Jenner

The Jellybean Dilemma

Book two in the Sweet Nothings Trilogy, available now!
Rhonda Elgin is turning over a new leaf, especially if it means rekindling an old flame. Her chauffeur and longtime friend, Greg Peterson, rejected her once. It’s time to show him what he’s been missing.
Book cover, dark pink background. Couple with man bending down to kiss woman's neck. Woman has blissful smile on her face. Title reads The Red-Hot Stakes by Maren Jenner

The Red-Hot Stakes

Book three of the Sweet Nothings Trilogy, available now!
The last person Gina Rossi expected to fall for was brash and arrogant Liam Davenport. Now that she has, she can’t imagine being with anyone else. When a mysterious blackmailer threatens to tear them apart, she gambles with the highest stakes of her life--her heart


Four Silhouette men with arms raised against a sunset

Enemies can be made in a single moment, the trigger that lights the fuse. As the fire burns and passions flare, sometimes that line is blurred and enemies slip into the territory of lovers. Follow four couples as they maneuver the delicate line between love and hate.

The Wrong Brother, Book One

Moodboard for The Wrong Brother: Group at bonfire on beach at sunset, couple face to face with her sticking tongue out, couple holding hands walking into aquarium, couple studying, three colorful bookshelves, man running, lighting striking in forest, couple playing beach volleyball, couple drinking coffee

From rivals to enemies, Leah Parker’s relationship with Shawn has always been complex. When she breaks up with his brother, Shawn is forced to face his complicated emotions head on. Determined to make things right, he sets out to show Leah how he truly feels and convince her that she was with The Wrong Brother.

The Wrong Idea, Book Two

Moodboard for The Wrong Idea: Silhouette couple on swing, open book at library, two bright pink drinks, Couple in bed hands clasped, man with glasses rubbing neck, grafted plant, roses, woman with violet blue hair and blue eyes

Calliope Harrison and Sebastian mix as well as oil and water. He can’t stand her spoiled ways, and she thinks him beyond arrogant. But her dad is a revered professor who has taken Sebastian under his wing, so they keep crossing paths. Being forced to spend time together has Sebastian seeing her in a whole new light and he reluctantly admits that maybe he had The Wrong Idea about her. Now he just has to prove his change of heart is sincere.

The Wrong Move, Book Three

The Wrong Move moodboard: couple with man pressing woman against wall, high ropes course, couple at lake sitting on pier with legs dangling down, couple standing watching fireworks, couple with man behind woman, man with big smile and curly hair, cleated foot with red sock atop a soccer ball, woman with smile and hat

Meg Parker has dated her fair share of men, but she’s tired of one night stands and wants the comfort of a real relationship. She thought she had that with her last boyfriend, but she was wrong. Silas has carried a torch for Meg since the night they spent together, even though she ripped his heart to shreds afterwards. Now that she’s single again, he’s determined to prove they’re meant to be. He just has to avoid making The Wrong Move.

The Wrong Time, Book Four

The Wrong Time moodboard: Bluebird on twig, couple sitting on beach, up close of bird necklace, lemonade and cookies, couple holding hands, couple about to kiss, man in flannel shirt, man shirtless mowing lawn with push mower, woman in wide hat with big smile

Bianca Wakely is the one that got away. She broke Steven’s heart by running off with his best friend their senior year of high school, but now she’s back and desperately needs his help. Steven can’t deny her, in spite of his lingering hatred. But hate and love are two sides of the same coin, and sometimes all one needs is a little flip to have a change of heart. If only they could stop connecting at The Wrong Time, maybe they’d stand a chance.

The four Wrighting brothers aren’t perfect, and neither are the women they love. One thing they have in common? They fix their mistakes. It may take some time, but they’re not afraid to put the effort into Wrighting the Wrongs and earning their happily ever afters.
All four books in this series are dual pov, first person, present tense.